Signing of MOU between Goodmorning Global Sdn Bhd & Pertubuhan Amal Uncle Kentang Malaysia

GoodMorning Global Sdn Bhd (GMG), Malaysia’s largest multi-grain based product Company which actively creates awareness and advocates the importance of health through consuming grains and Pertubuhan Amal Uncle Kentang Malaysia (PAUKM), a community service centre which strive to help fellow Malaysians and underprivileged folks who have been the hardest hit financially during the pandemic, through various community initiatives to help Malaysians facing life challenges, today jointly signed the memorandum of understanding (MOU).

With the signing of this memorandum, both parties will strive to advocate healthy multi-grain beverages and welfare to the society, forming the collaboration to promote and improve the general health and wellbeing of fellow Malaysians in need.

Mr. Kuan mentioned that I am the Solution Provider, and the donors donate money to my platform, and I help people in need. GoodMorning 18 Grains is a good product for the poor, and it is also a nutritious food with Halal certification. We have determined that the poor household needs this nutritious product, and we will provide it to them to gradually become healthy. We want every Malaysian to be healthy, because health is the only wealth of the people before they can work.

Dato’ Dr. Lim also said that there are two types of people on the Uncle Kentang platform, donors and people in need. Donors can purchase 18 Grains at a discounted price on the Uncle Kentang online store to buy and sponsor the poor or those in need, so that they can live healthy lives. For each purchase of sales, GoodMorning will donate part of it as their operating funds.

The MOU was signed by Dato’ Dr Lim Sin Boon, Founder and CEO of GoodMorning Global Sdn Bhd and Mr Kuan Chee Heng, Founder of Pertubuhan Amal Uncle Kentang Malaysia under the witness representatives from both parties.

MalaysiaKini_Signing of MOU between Goodmorning Global Sdn Bhd & Pertubuhan Amal Uncle Kentang Malaysia