In many small and medium businesses, many have come to rely on traditional marketing to gain traction and customers to their stores or products. With the digital age coming forward, it’s now more effective in using digital marketing to target their audiences ranging from almost all ages through vast amount of tools such as Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads and etc. With these platforms available, the company can do targeting to the right audiences under the right age group for the company to market the products with very focus content which is most relevant to them, highlighted by Mr Lee Eng Kwan, General Manager of Sales and Marketing for GoodMorning Global Sdn Bhd.

There are some obvious key benefits that digital marketing can help in small and medium businesses :-

  • Cost efficient to reach more customers.
  • Direct your audiences to your website/social media pages to create better awareness.
  • Ability to communicate with each other through WhatsApp and Messenger in their webpage/website.
  • Helps businesses to create better reputation with good reviews on their page which will gain better customer’s loyalty.

Written by:

Mr. Ek Lee Eng Kwan,
General Manager Sales & Marketing of
GoodMorning Global Group Holdings Berhad