From the left: Ms. Lim Wuiling (External Relations, GoodMorning Global), Mr. Frankie Chan (Director, WWRC Ingredients), Mr. Teoh (Group CEO, WWRC Malaysia), Dr. Cheng (Group CEO, CFO, GoodMorning Global), Mr. Chin (Group CFO, WWRC Malaysia).

GoodMorning Global pays a courtesy visit to WWRC Headquarters to build strategic partnerships in plant-based food-tech. WWRC is a global leader providing chemical solutions for various industries – oil and gas, plastics, personal care, and the food industries.

GoodMorning Global, the largest multigrain brand in Malaysia venturing into plant-based food-tech, shares its vision with WWRC towards being a world-leading food-tech and multigrain company by delivering wellness to consumers and creating values for shareholders. WWRC and GoodMorning Global agreed to join hands to accelerate collaboration on several fronts, plant-based food-tech R&D, supply chain vertical integration, capital market corporate exercises, and ESGs agenda.

晨旭之美集团拜访环绮化工(WWRC),为建立植物蛋白食品科技策略伙伴。WWRC 为各种行业提供化工解决方案,是全球的领导者 — 其中包括石油和天然气,塑料,个人护理等行业。

晨旭之美集团是马来西亚最大型综合榖糧品牌,与 WWRC 分享其愿景【致力于植物蛋白食品科技研发】,成为世界领先食品科技及综合榖糧公司,为消费者带来无限健康,及为股东创造最大价值。WWRC 和晨旭之美集团珠联璧合,同意携手合作,加速多方面的配合,如:植物蛋白食品科技研发、垂直整合供应链、资本市场运作以及 ESGs。