GoodMorning Global received Mr. Sam Hwang, Group CEO of Dagang Halal, Mr. Tony Er, Group COO of Dagang Halal, one of the world’s largest B2B Halal e-market place, to forge a partnership in exporting GoodMorning multigrain products to international Halal markets, and developing s co-own brand for Halal plant-based products.

GoodMorning Global, the largest plant-based multigrain brand in Malaysia venturing into plant-based food technologies, shares its vision with Dagang Halal to capitalize on the growing demand for plant-based products in Middle East and Indonesia Halal markets. We firmly believe plant-based food technologies could be a solution to addressing the global food crisis and climate change while serving the well-being of the world population.

GoodMorning’s vision is to be a world-leading food-tech and multigrain company by delivering wellness to consumers and creating values for shareholders.

晨旭之美集团有幸接待世界最大清真食品数码销售平台之一 Dagang Halal, Mr. Sam Hwang, Dagang Halal 首席执行官和 Mr. Tony Er, Dagang Halal 首席运营官。晨旭之美集团与 Dagang Halal 达成共识,放眼将晨旭之美集团综合榖糧产品出口至国际清真市场以及合作开发清真植物性食品。

晨旭之美集团是马来西亚最大型综合榖糧品牌,与 Dagang Halal 分享其愿景【致力于植物蛋白食品科技研发】,以满足中东和印度尼西亚清真市场乃至世界对植物性产品的需求。