GoodMorning Global has the pleasure of receiving the delegation from Nagase & Co. Ltd. (A Japan-based conglomerate) to explore potential collaboration on joint Research and Development (R&D) in the area of plant-based food technologies. Nagase Group comprises Nagase & Co., Ltd, Nagase ChemteX Corporation, Hayashibara Co., Ltd., and Prinova Group LLC in the US, which specializes in glycoscience and enzyme technology.

GoodMorning Global, the largest plant-based multigrain brand in Malaysia venturing into plant-based food technologies, shares its vision with Nagase & Co. Ltd. that the region and the world are at critical crossroads, to avert the global climate change and hunger catastrophe the world is facing, everyone must step up, private sector industries like Nagase & Co. Ltd. and GoodMorning Global should work closer than ever before to mature the plant-based food technologies, as we firmly believe plant-based food technologies could be a solution towards addressing the global food crisis and climate change while serving the well-being of world population.

GoodMorning’s vision is to be a world-leading food-tech and multigrain company by delivering wellness to consumers and creating values for shareholders.

晨旭之美集团有幸与长濑集团(Nagase & Co. Ltd.)商务代表团(总部设在日本的企业集团)进行探讨植物蛋白食品科技领域的联合研发(R&D)潜在合作的会议。长濑集团包括长濑产业株式会社(Nagase & Co., Ltd)、长濑 ChemteX 株式会社(Nagase ChemteX Corporation)、株式会社林原(Hayashibara Co., Ltd.)和美国普惠集团(Prinova Group LLC),专门从事于糖质科学和酶技术。

晨旭之美集团是马来西亚最大型综合榖糧品牌,与 Nagasaki & Co., Ltd 分享其愿景【致力于植物蛋白食品科技研发】,该地区和世界正处于“十字路口”,为了避免世界面临的全球气候变化和饥饿灾难,我们都必须齐心协力,如 Nagasaki & Co. Ltd. 和晨旭之美集团理应比以往更紧密地合作,使植物蛋白食品科技更加成熟,我们都坚信植物蛋白食品科技可以成为解决全球粮食危机和气候变化的解决方案,同时为全世界人民谋福利。