GoodMorning Global Group Holdings Berhad has signed a Memorandum of Cooperation (MOC) with leading food distributor DagangAsia Network. Leveraging DagangAsia’s halal online marketplace, the partnership will see GoodMorning Global bringing its multigrain health beverages and plant-based products to an international halal network, namely in Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Middle East.

GoodMorning Global and DagangAsia Network will be expanding into overseas markets, specialising in the marketing and distribution of plant-based complete nutrition powder beverages for families and children of all ages. The strategic partnership will poise both Malaysian brands to be consumer goods market leaders in the halal industry, which is forecasted to be the largest emerging market within the next 5 years at a valuation of RM 420 Million.

Executive Chairman and Founder, Dato Dr’ Lim Sin Boon of GoodMorning Global shares, “Our brand is a strong advocate for a healthier way of life, and for years, we’ve shared that vision through multigrain drinks. The Halal market has always been a pool that we’ve been looking forward to exploring. With DagangAsia Network’s influence in the halal market, we believe that this collaboration will help us bring nature-based goodness to even more consumers. With this collaboration, our team also hopes to encourage healthier eating with our nutritious berry multigrain beverages in a larger market outside of Malaysia.”

DagangAsia, as one of the largest B2B halal e-marketplaces, will also be providing GoodMorning Global with a special space on its online platformto share its products with consumers. 

DagangAsia Network Holding’s CEO, Sam Hwang shares, “ is our most competitive platform that is progressively making waves in the halal market. This platform aims to be an efficient, trusted and reliable trading platform for halal-certified suppliers to conduct online e-commerce and business matching activities, as well as fortify their brands as halal representatives. It also facilitates international trading sales transactions for the suppliers via online-to-offline channels while participating in multiple international food and beverage trade fairs yearly. With GoodMorning Global as our newest partner, I trust that will become more visible to our targeted markets.”

Besides that, the multigrain brand also received approval from the Sultanate of Oman’s Food Safety & Quality Center to distribute its halal food products to the middle eastern country; giving GoodMorning Global a first step of support in entering the halal market in the Sultanate of Oman. With this grant, the group has high hopes of increasing its annual revenue to twice its current value. 

Embracing ESG with Sustainable Food Technology

While GoodMorning Global is well-known for its multigrain beverage products, the brand has also begun venturing into future food tech and new value chains. This primarily includes their newly operating plant-based sector, testing and creating natural plant-based food products. As part of its corporate strategy, the company aims to increase its core plant-based portfolio resilience. By doing so, GoodMorning will also be able to identify the points to improve its products, processes and innovation that will align with its value, organisation, people and contribution to ESG.  

“Food production in the past until today has a butterfly effect on our society. We at GoodMorning Global want to ensure that our practice in producing food is not only positively impacting the earth, but also contributing to the health of our consumers. With this new plant-based sector, GoodMorning Global hopes to reduce our carbon footprint and embrace healthier living for years to come.”, added Dato Dr’ Lim Sin Boon.

Reported by: Business Today 22.03.2023
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